Why Magnolia


Magnolia allows you to use your existing tools: Gmail, Google Calendar and Zoom, so the learning curve is minimal. One in three email users in the world use Gmail, chances are - big! - that you have a Gmail account, which will make your experience for booking participants completely seamless.


While other platforms place their focus on the format: turning the output into a blogging environment; Magnolia makes content, feedback capturing and note-taking the top priorities, so you can find insights effortlessly and build your research repository faster.

Cost vs. Features Ratio

Structured pricing and scalable feature packages, combined with dedicated personal support, make Magnolia a very competitive offering in the user research landscape, especially for freelancers, solo practitioners and small UX teams.

Built by UXers & PMs

We have built this app from our own experience of 20 years (before it was called User Experience!) of creating interaction and communication pieces. We have gone through the user research cycle in many shapes and flavours, so we decided to turn it into an app and surface the most important factors: minimal effort with higher output.

Start doing world-class research today

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