Put your session booking on automation .

Magnolia helps you create feedback sessions with participants, using templates and a simple workflow with no hassle on your end.

A template flow that accelerates your growth.

Magnolia allows you to create and use templates with ease, and re-use them on the spot, in a flow that helps fuel your growth as a researcher.

session types

All types of sessions for all cases

Your participants will provide feedback under moderated or unmoderated sessions.

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email templates

Your emails are handled by templates

Magnolia handles communication emails without intervention, just connect your Email account and you're set.

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feedback topics

Sort into topics right from start

You can add topics to the session, even before it begins, saving you time in the note-taking process.

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An all-in-one approach to UX research

Built with security and easy-of-use in mind.

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Start world-class research with Magnolia

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