Your note-taking skills just got upgraded .

Use 'Artifacts' to supercharge your notes , upload a session recording and see the transcript automatically. All in your Repository.

Your notes organized, lead to more relevant insights .

The Repository is the brain of your operation. Add Artifacts as notes with audio recordings or manually, later review and find insights to share with colleagues and stakeholders.

session types

Notes from recording to transcript

Upload a zoom recording and Magnolia will create the transcript automatically as a new Artifact.

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email templates

Reviews make insights emerge

Magnolia creates Insights from your Artifacts. Just review a note, highlight the key feedback line and it is added as an Insight on the spot.

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feedback topics

Mark it. It's official, ready to share.

Artifacts that are marked as 'Reviewed' are ready to share. The hard part is done, now is time to share the Repository with stakeholders.

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A direct shot at simplifying UX research

Built from our own experience as UXers and PMs .

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