User research in simple strokes, with transcription service.

With this all-in-one tool, you can handle feedback sessions, get transcription notes from audio and share insights with your clients.

get close to your users

Used by great collaborators

send session invites

Book user sessions on automation

Privately invite participants by a public link. They can book a video session with you based on your availability. Use templates for all the emails: invitation, confirmation and thank you.

Blend your tools seamlessly

Follow the invites on your synched Google or Outlook calendar with Magnolia to conduct guided or unguided sessions: either on Zoom, or at a café.

See your feedback notes emerge

Add artifacts like sticky notes, or upload a Zoom recording, and Magnolia will produce the full transcript of your session. Find insights and tag them with relevant topics.

Share findings with colleagues and clients

From your research, clients will want to see the findings. Give them the key to their users mind by sharing the knowledge repository .

Rinse, repeat: m ake your practice brighter

Keep, implement and optimize a systematic research workflow with one tool. Keep good relationship with clients, carve an industry, get more referrals .

Start doing world-class research today

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